Heat Transfer

  1. Adjust the Pressure– the pressure of the press is based on the thickness of the fabric; thicker fabric requires less pressure. For most projects, medium or light pressure is used.
  2.  Set the Time and Temperature – this is important because there are different times associated with different types of fabric. You can use the timing below as a guide: 
    1. Cotton - 8 sec press and 150°C (300°F) 
    2. Polyester - 5 sec press and 130°C (265°F)
  3. Transfer in Place– position your product onto the plate and place the transfer paper face up on the desired location of your product within the pressing area. 
  4. Press the Product– once your product is in place, close the press by pulling the handle down to clamp the press shut. By now your time, temperature and pressure should be set, so it’s as easy as pressing the start button.
  5. Remove the Film– after the timer goes off simply open the press and remove the film while the transfer paper is cold and your design should be printed onto your product. 
  6. Press Again - 5 seconds for better Fixation and washability. Just like that, your heat-pressed custom apparel is complete!